My baby came home from Florida last night and brought this beauty home to me. I’m a really big fan of Phillip Lim and his bags (mini pashli is my favorite) and wish I could have one in all colors. Black suits everything so I’m very happy with this one and I really like the golden details. This will definitely be used diligently and will be perfect for the summer. #IMINLOVEWITHTHISBAG


My mission today was to fill the fridge and the fruit basket, so after my breakfast and morning workout, I went away with a friend to Lagoona mall. We strolled around and walked into some stores, did some shopping and ate lunch together at Sugar and Spice. This salad doesn’t look much for the world but wow, it was so good even though it was so simple!!

When we were satisfied and loaded with energy we completed our mission and did the grocery shopping before we went back home where a new cleaned apartment was waiting for me  – have I said I love sundays?! Now I will have an evening snack and see the latest episode of KUWTK. Have a nice evening everyone. ♥


I have had a wonderful day today. I started my day with 1 hour run on the treadmill, I had so much energy this morning when I woke up so it felt like I could run forever, I love that feeling and it feels so good when you’re done. The rest of the day I’ve just been with my girlfriend hanging down at the pool and enjoying the amazing weather Doha has offered today, lovely!

Now I’m waiting for my friends to come, we’ll have a girls night at my place, so cozy. ♥


I’m sooo tired today. I woke up early because it called on my phone, it was a confused man who had dialed the wrong number, so typically and I was unfortunately unable to fall asleep again. I have already been drinking 2 cups of coffee and taking 1 headache pill so I will soon be fit for fight. Yesterday, me and my friends went to a Swedish ”national day” event here in Doha at St Regis which was really nice. We were there for a couple of hours, mingled around and met some other friends there. The Swedish embassy that organized this had made it very nice I have to say, it was Swedish music played in the speakers, people dancing around maypole, Swedish food and sweet, so yes we enjoyed it. 🙂 After this event we went up to ”The club” at St Regis to have a last drink before driving home, well at home I fell asleep once and slept like a log the whole night. Except that I’m tired today, yesterday was very nice and successful.

Now I have to hurry, in 30 min I will meet up my friend to go to a new mall that has opened here in Doha (It opens new malls here all the time) just to stroll around and have lunch together there. So with that said I have to get ready, Have a beautiful day everyone.


I visited Evergreen for the first time to day with a friend, a vegan and organic restaurant/café here at The Pearl. I don’t know what took me so long but I’m glad I finally got there because I have wanted to go there for so long. I really loved the atmosphere there and everything felt so ”right in time”. The menu offered a lot of healthy food and bites and gosh I wished I could try everything while sitting there, everything looked so good. I had an ”Jungle Bowl” made on quinoa, sweet potato, kale, avocado etc. with a lime-banana dressing which was super nice, but next time I’ll try something new because this was definitely not the last time i visited this place.

I love the message on the wallIf you want to be happy, plant a garden. If you want to be healthy, eat a garden. Everything is all about the balance though but I love this mindset of clean eating, and to be honest that’s the kind of lifestyle I appreciate the most and I think/know(!!) it’s best for all of us people. Think more green. ;o)


– Golden milk – 

It was a long time since I did this health drink but today I made a turmeric paste so that I’m now, and a week ahead can boost my body with this amazing drink. The main ingredient in this golden milk drink is turmeric, something that has long been used in Ayurovedisk cooking for its many health benefits. It was my mother who introduced Golden milk for me a few years ago and ever since then, I’ve been drinking it every now and then. It’s so easy to do and the batch you do keeps for several weeks in the refrigerator, how good isn’t that?

So how to do this turmeric ”golden” paste!? 
Add 1/2 deciliter of turmeric powder to 1 1/2 deciliter water in a pan on a medium low heat until the paste begins to thicken and you have this paste consistency. When it’s done let it cool a little and then store it in the fridge.

How to make the Golden milk!?
Heat up 1 tsp of this ”golden paste” together with 2-3 dl milk of your taste (I prefer almond milk, soy milk or coconut milk) on the stove or in the microwave. Before heating it up I always add cinnamon, cardamom, a little grated ginger and some kind of sweetening, either honey, agave or stevia. Some people add black pepper (I do it some times as well), coconut oil, netmeg etc. but this is how I do it. :o) The taste reminds me of chai which I love so it’s not just super healthy, it is also very good!!


Good morning!! I’m finally feeling better and have all my energy back, love the feeling after a powerless week. I’m really so bad at writing continuously, always things that come-between. Zhino had his friend visiting for 2 days which has been nice. We have not done anything special though, times goes so fast but we have been out, eating, strolling and just hanging out. 🙂

I don’t know what this day will offers but now I’ve just finished my coffee so it’s time for me to hit the gym. Have a beautiful day everyone!!


I’ve been feeling out of sorts ever since our friends left, sore throat, stuffy nose, etc. so the past few days I’ve mostly just been resting and trying to recover. Zhino have been home a lot these days which has been nice. We took a trip to Ikea the other day though, bought some plants and home decor to our apartment and it became so much warmer and cozier because of that, love it.

Now I long till I get my energy back so I can work out and do fun things. I had quick lunch earlier today with a friend and now I’ll just cuddle up in the sofa and watch the Kardashians.


I really don’t know where to start, so much have happened since Nicole and Jiyan came. Sadly they left this morning after 9 days in the desert. We have had amazing days together and I can’t remember when I laughed this much like I’ve done this last week. Us together is like family and there’s never any stress, pressure or expectations, we just do what we feel for and enjoying our time together, just as it should be. :o)

We took a trip earlier this week to Dubai and stayed there for 2 night which was really fun, unfortunately my baby couldn’t join because he had to work but we had a great time anyway. We flew early on Tuesday morning and went back home late on Thursday which gave us 3 whole days in Dubai. We hung out on the beach two days, aet so much good food, had dinner with Nicoles friends at Pier 7, visited Dubai mall, Burj Khalifa, Souqen, Emirates Mall, Miracle garden etc. I gonna post some pictures from our afternoon in Miracle garden later, that was one of the most beautiful places I ever been to(!!!)

This was my first time in Dubai and I will definitely go back and next time I will ensure that it will be with my love.