Much is going on in my life right now, something good will only get even better. So this week has just been used to planning and organizing but there’s still a lot left to do, more about that later.

Tomorrow night I will fly back to Doha and I can’t barely wait to finally see my friends there!! It’s so hard to understand that it has already been 3 months since last time I saw them and where there, crazy how time flies!! And now the summer is officially over, you can almost feel it’s autumn in the air even if it is just the 1th of September. Now I’m really looking forward to get my skin a bit sun-kissed and to jump into that pool!

Today I haven’t planned so much more than being home and fixing my stuff, Nicole and my sister will come over to join me later though. ♥ Lots of fun will happen before my flight tomorrow and my day is fully booked before departure. I can’t write it yet but you will probably see it on my ig stories before I post it here. What I can promise is that I will take a lot of pictures. :o)

Have a lovely Friday and weekend everyone. ♥


Halmstad – Helsingør

I had the most wonderful time in Halmstad and now I’m back in Stockholm again. My weekend has been good, I spent Friday at home with my mom, felt a bit sick though but we had a cozy mother & daughter day anyway. ♥ I felt much better yesterday when I woke up so I decided to meet up Nicole for a lunch and a stroll in the city. We had a delicious dinner together with our friends later in the evening and then we went out for a drink. This afternoon I took a walk into the city to have a lunch together with 3 of my girlfriends, wish we could do this every Sunday.

Tomorrow it’s a new week and I will start my day at the hairdresser, I’ll just cut my hair a bit so nothing more exciting than that;) But now I realize that the clock is way too much and I really have to sleep If I’m going to get up tomorrow morning… Sleep tight. ♥


I have been so absent lately and the blog has been a little bit aside but I’ll try to summarize myself briefly. The time when Zhino was home was totally amazing, we couldn’t have had it better and we had so much fun. You have probably seen and followed most of what I/we have done on Instagram so I assume you have an eye on the ”situation” ;o). Lots of dinner with friends, celebrations, cozy summer nights etc. Zhino went back home to Doha one week ago and now I’m on the West Coast, in Halmstad with my family on dad’s side. I love this place, it’s so peaceful and I always come into a special mood and relax in a completely different way when I’m here. My sister is also here, she arrived yesterday so now almost the whole family is gathered. ♥

We’ll stay until Wednesday, then we will return back to Stockholm again, so now I will just breathe in nature, the calm and just be. I will do a more fully update later. Love


Summer evenings in Stockholm when it’s at its best. We took a little trip out to Vaxholm to Zhino’s friend that had invited us for dinner last weekend. He lives in the most beautiful house that he built and designed entirely himself, I can just say wow, amazing… Unfortunately I forgot my bikini, otherwise I would had taken a bath in his whirlpool that he had on the porch, it may be next time.;)

The days just flies by and tomorrow we will go into the last month of the summer here in Sweden, scary how fast time goes right? Zhino flies back on Sunday which is really sad, you always want more time. I will stay till the end of August before I go back, but thats good because I have some things left to do before that. Me and my sister will do a mini trip to the Westcoast, Halmstad and visit our family which I’ve been longing for the whole summer but our schedules haven’t matched each other so well, but soon finally.

Tomorrow will be a day of great weather and sunshine and I will spend that day together with my friend at her pool, how wonderful? Time to sleep so I’ll get up tomorrow morning, sleep tight.♥


Spontaneous days are almost(!) always the best – yesterday was amazing, with no expectations, which also became one of the better evenings for a long time. My baby is home now and we have had a perfect start on our vacation together. After we surprised him at the airport we had a FUN, crazy night out with our friends and the whole night was so successful.

Back to yesterday, Zhino and I went in to the city for a light lunch at Gretas, Haymarket and some shopping. I got a beautiful gift from my baby which I’m so happy for, a white/gold Clic clac bracelet from Hermes. He surprised me with that one when we were at the NK (Nordic company) to pick up my bag. ♥ After all the shopping we met up our friends at the restaurant, Supper for cocktails and dinner and had a REALLY GOOD TIME. I can’t remember when I laughed myself into tears and I really couldn’t stop, is there any better feeling than that?


One year older means one year wiser, right? 😉 I celebrated my 28 birthday together with my sister that turned 27  (she was born the day before my 1 birthday – BEST GIFT EVER) 2 days ago together with our closest friends. I can not really understand that I’m approaching 30, I’m an adult now(?) but it still feels like I’m a childish 20 years old girl that think she never gonna grow old, haha. I will never loose my childish and crazy side though, life becomes so much fun then when you do not take it all too seriously. ;o)

So today it’s Saturday and it’s the day I’ve been waiting for since a left Doha, My hubby is coming home, finally!! We will have 2 weeks together now here in Sweden, which feels absolutely amazing. He lands tonight at 8 so me and Nicole will surprise him at the airport and pick him up, then there will be dinner and a night out together with our friends, can’t wait!!!


Hey babes, I came home for a few hours ago after a sleepover at Nicole´s place, I met her up after she finished her work yesterday. I finally have my energy back, the day after my last update I lost my voice but now it’s slowly but surely coming back even though I’m still very hoarse. I don’t remember when I lost my voice last time but it has been so annoying and my energy has been very low as well. I’ve taken it much calmer then usual, abstained from training etc. with fear of getting worse and I’m glad I did, because today i feel so much better then the days before.

Anyway, I had the coziest time with my sunshine, as usual, and we have been out a lot because Stockholm has given us a lot of sun these two days so we have tried to enjoy it as much as possible. We finished the day yesterday with a long walk around Södermalm and we started the day today with one too, I love to walk haha(!!!) and I love food as well so we ended up at a really nice place, Mahalo (aka Hälsocafét) for a early lunch after our pw. Is there any better start than that, I don’t think so?!

So now I’m home and have nothing special planned for the day. On Friday, I’ll take the train to Sala to visit my childhood friend who is home from Australia over the summer. This time, she is not alone, now I will also finally meet her 11-month baby that I longed so much to meet. ♥  I can’t believe it’s more than 1,5 year since last time!!


July is here but what happened with our swedish summer? The sun turns out little now and then, but I still miss the heat. I cross my fingers for better weather now the rest of the month! Apart from the weather, I have had a really great time here in Stockholm. I have spent a lot of valuable time with family and friends, tried to exercise almost everyday and to be out as much as possible when it’s been nice weather. It feels great to be home but I do miss my baby though, but he will be home soon, only 3 weeks left…

Today it’s one of those days when I probably will not do anything. I was out with some friends yesterday, drank a lot of drinks and danced into the night. Everything was so spontaneous, which I love, and it always turns out they are the best. ♦


Like I always say, time goes too fast, as usual. I wish that I had like an extra hour per day to update my blog, then I would not be able to have any excuses for not doing it. ;o) My first week in Sweden has been really good but I’ve been very very busy though. But i feels so good to be home and to see my friends and family again and yesterday was the big day, my cousins wedding. Everything was so beautiful and I am so happy that I could share this amazing day with them. ♥

Today we have just been preparing for my brothers graduating party that is tomorrow, I can not really understand that he has become so big, so crazy!! So after tomorrow we have to start packing and organizing for Bali, we’re leaving on Wednesday morning. Like I said, busy for the moment and no time to rest but soon we are there and will have all the time in the world to relax and just be together.


I’m really starting to feel it’s getting closer now, times goes so fast. This last week I’ve tried to spend as much time as possible with our friends, Zhino had a pretty good schedule this month so he has also been able to join which I’m so glad for. Yesterday my closest friends and I had dinner together at Isaan on Grand Hyatt, one of my favorite restaurants that I been writing about earlier. It was a nice ending when we managed to get everyone together (it doesn’t happen often, someone is always away) so yesterday couldn’t be better.

I’m leaving on Saturday and Zhino is coming with me for 4 days. Instead of going somewhere else, which we planned for from the beginning, we decided to go home together. So my first days in sweden will be well spent with our closest friends and families, can’t wait ♥ !!