So here are my top favorite spots that I recommend to visit for a good healthy lunch, lovely dining or just for a couple of drinks with a beautiful view. All this places are located in Seminyak.

Organic Café
This was the first place we’re visiting when we first arrived. We ended up here by a coincidence when we were walking around the area and I was glad for that, because I had seen this place on instagram and it was listed on my must visit list. They have a very nice menu with a lot of fresh and healthy choices. Worth a visit if you are here.

Nalu bowls / Shelter
Ok, if I had to choose between Organic café and Shelter I would say Shelter. The atmosphere, the menu, the food, EVERYTHING was beyond my expectations. It was a typical Sandra place and I could have been eating lunch there every day. I had the best falafel salad with a big young coconut, a fresh juice and a raw food cake for dessert. Yummy, I’m drooling while I’m writing this….

Kaum, Potato head
I had visiting Potato head once before and felt I had to bring my family there because this place is just amazing and so beautiful. I think they have like 4 or 5 different restaurants there though, so we tried a new one (Kaum) this time. Beautiful view, great service and the drinks and the food were delicious.

You will not believe me if I say we ate here 3 times during our week in Bali. This dinner spot became our favorite and I kid you not when I’m saying they had the best asian food I ever had, and I have been eating it A LOT. My friends even think I was an asian person in my past life, haha! This place has so much nice things to offer on their menu and I wanted to have it all. Thai hummus, Summer spring rolls, curry dishes, tuna tartar with wasabi, thai inspired salads, you name it. The staff who was working there were also so nice and friendly(!!) You really have to visit this restaurant when you’re in Bali, you will not be disappointed.

What I really like about Bali is that they have something for everyone ,whether you vegan, glutenintolerant etc. and they are so ”in time” when it comes to food. It’s so easy to eat healthy and make good choices there and everything always feels so fresh. Maybe thats why I love to eat all the time when I’m there and always trying to evoke a sense of hunger, haha.


Hello sunny Sweden, I really dotted the best weekend to come back to. I came back from Bali Thursday night after a long flight and I have been a bit jetlag since then but I’m not gonna complain, I have had the best weekend here in Stockholm with my friends and we have also had the perfect Swedish summer weather, love it!!

I’m starting my Bali update with a photobomb;

BALI WAS AMAZING and I’m so glad we could do this trip together, means a lot to have that kind off quality time when it’s just us and we do not have to care about anything else than about ourselves. We stayed in Seminyak, walking distance from where I stayed last time but I liked that place, so I thought why not. The weather was perfect except for one day when we had rain almost all day, but we were not sad for that, instead we did some shopping, took a massage etc.

Mostly during the day we were on the beach, lying in a sun bed, drank coconut water, ate lots of fruit while listening to a podcast and looking out over the ocean. Have you ever heard about multitasking? 😉 We have also been eating so much good food, wow, Bali is filled with lots of trendy and good restaurants and I will do a post with recommended places to visit while you’re in Bali later. Every evening we went out for dinner, some nights we ended up on the beach on a colorful sandbag and drank drinks, combined with health juices in front of a live band, how lovely isn’t that? We did one day tour to Ubud where I also were last time but i wanted to show them the rice field, the coffee plantation etc. I loved it last time and everyone that visit Bali should definitely go there, it’s so beautiful. Anyway, We really had a magical time and I’m so happy and grateful to still be able to create so much memories with my family. ♥


Now I can finally relax after many hectic but fun days, the graduation party yesterday was super nice and we had a really good time. I have been very exhausted today though, I have almost been home the whole day except when I went out for a run and when I have been in the laundry room. My suitcase is packed now anyway and I’m so ready for Bali, I’m just gonna drink up my tea and there after it’s time to sleep, early morning tomorrow. My blog will be updated when I’m back, until then you can follow my trip on IG. ♥


As you probably already know, my summer will mostly be spent in Sweden which feels wonderfully but June will be quite hectic, in a fun way of course. I’m going to a wedding on June 3rd, my cousin is getting married ♥ and the 5th my brother will graduate high school, so it will be a lot of celebrations in the beginning. The 7th of June I will travel to Bali on a girls vacation together with my mum and sis which gonna be so amazing. I have really looked forward to this and to have some quality time with them, and it will be so fun to show them Bali. I was there exactly one year ago and YES I fell in love with that place and I’m longing to be back.

The rest of June I’ll just be in Stockholm, hang out with my friends and family and enjoy the Swedish summer. In July, I plan to visit my family on the west coast for a week or so and then at the end of July, has Zhino finally 2 weeks vacation, Yay!! He will probably come and join me in Sweden from the beginning and then we have said that we will take it a bit as it comes, we may be going on a little mini trip somewhere, but we will see. :o) August is still unplanned, which feels nice, I will probably only want to be in Stockholm and spend as much time as possible with my family before I go back. ♥


I really don’t know where to start, so much have happened since Nicole and Jiyan came. Sadly they left this morning after 9 days in the desert. We have had amazing days together and I can’t remember when I laughed this much like I’ve done this last week. Us together is like family and there’s never any stress, pressure or expectations, we just do what we feel for and enjoying our time together, just as it should be. :o)

We took a trip earlier this week to Dubai and stayed there for 2 night which was really fun, unfortunately my baby couldn’t join because he had to work but we had a great time anyway. We flew early on Tuesday morning and went back home late on Thursday which gave us 3 whole days in Dubai. We hung out on the beach two days, aet so much good food, had dinner with Nicoles friends at Pier 7, visited Dubai mall, Burj Khalifa, Souqen, Emirates Mall, Miracle garden etc. I gonna post some pictures from our afternoon in Miracle garden later, that was one of the most beautiful places I ever been to(!!!)

This was my first time in Dubai and I will definitely go back and next time I will ensure that it will be with my love.


HOLA, we are now back in Doha after our short trip to Barcelona. We really had a great stay and were treated very well, the weather was perfect and I really fell in love with the city. This was the first time I visited Bcn and I got such a nice feeling for it, I will definitely go back to experience and see even more of this beautiful place.

Like I wrote earlier this was the first time I accompanied on Zhino’s flight which I was super excited for, but it was not really until he made his passenger announcement as I realized it was my babe who would fly me to there. It was kind of a weird feeling though, even if I know he does it almost everyday it was hard to like understand that he would fly that huge aircraft(!!) If I was proud afterwards? Oh yes.

We managed to do a lot though considering the little time that we had, and it felt like I got a good overview of the city. We had dinner together with Zhino’s friends the first day and the second day we were out walking the whooole day. We walked along the beach walk and further into town, strolled around in stores and I did some shopping. When our legs were tired and we didn’t have the energy to walk more we went to this amazing restaurant – FLAX AND KALE, omg, this place was a real Sandra place(!!) They call them self a Healthy Flexiterian Restaurant and yes, they have a lot to offer and have something for everyone, whether you are glutenintolerant, vegetarian, vegan, rawfood etc. Why are not these kinds of restaurants all over the place? That’s exactly what most of people want nowadays. Today, we are aware and want to make better choices but still eat well, I want to know what my food contains and assure me that it does not contain unnecessary sugar etc. I hope more and more restaurants will choose to offer this way of healthy eating because that’s what our body needs, good energy. ♥ Anyway, this was the first time I visited Barcelona but not the last. If you’re there or planing to go, don’t miss this place, you will not be disappointed. Love!!



We arrived to Phi Phi after two days in Phuket and this place was just amazing and above my expectations, it felt like we were in Paradise. We stayed at this beautiful hotel, Villa360 were we had our own villa with an amazing view over the Island. This is one of the most charming and nicest hotel I’ve been to, that together with everything around… it couldn’t be better. What I liked about this place was that it was a bit isolated from the most hectic and touristic area. We stayed on the other side of the island which was cleaner, more peaceful and maybe more suited for couples who just want to have a nice time together.

It was easy to explore the islands by taxi boats. The first day we visited Lodalum Bay (the touristic area) and the next day we took the boat over to Bamboo island which was a pretty small but still nice place to visit. The sand was pure white and the water was clearly turquoise. We brought our snorkeling set with us but ended up with almost no snorkeling for my part. I’m actually really afraid of the water in the sea and it has become even worse with time. That is something of knowing that I don’t know what’s under or around me and the funniest thing is that my fears always strikes me. Like the first thing that happened to me when I went in to the water was to get burned by a jellyfish, I mean how big is the odds(?) and needed to cancel our day at the beach because I had to go to the doctor. I was lucky though, it was non of these ”dangerous” jellyfishes even if it did hurt a lot and got all these marks on my back.

Anyway, we had wonderful days on Phi Phi and I would definitely go back. I felt in love with that place, it felt it was like made for us and were having exactly everything we were looking for. ♥ The day we left phi phi was also the day we left Thailand, we took the flight over to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The stop was short we only stayed there for one night but had a whole day there to stroll around, visited the twin towers etc. before our flight home to Qatar.


Hello sunshines,

We’re back in Doha now and I gonna do a small summary with a lot of pictures of our trip to Thailand. We came home 2 days ago and I have actually been a bit jetlag since then and I’ve also got a cold, so typical but it will hopefully not hold so long. Our stay in Thailand was really nice and we started with 2 days in Phuket before we took the speedboat out to Phi Phi Island. We stayed at Mövenpick Villas & Spa that was located in Karon. We had our own cute little villa with the beach just across the street, a place that I would recommend if you are in Phuket and want to stay in that area.

This was the first time I visited Phuket and I must say that I preferred Phi Phi more, it was tooooo many Swedish people there, we literally heard our language everywhere we went and I’m a little allergic when it gets too touristy. Except from that everything els was perfect, we were really lucky with the weather (even if it was super hot) and the food(!!) YUM, couldn’t get enough – Thai food, exotic fruits, coconuts, you name it. I could live on that kind of food for the rest of my life!

During the days and under the hottest hours, we were hanging on the beach and by the pool. We had massage every day (it’s so cheap?!!! ) and were just enjoying the time there together. I’m going to write a post about Phi Phi hopefully later tomorrow, that place was amazing and SO beautiful so it will be a post with a lot of pictures.

Now it’s time to sleep. Me and my friends gonna have an early breakfast tomorrow morning since one of our beautiful newfound friend are going back to Island for a while. ♥