So here are my top favorite spots that I recommend to visit for a good healthy lunch, lovely dining or just for a couple of drinks with a beautiful view. All this places are located in Seminyak.

Organic Café
This was the first place we’re visiting when we first arrived. We ended up here by a coincidence when we were walking around the area and I was glad for that, because I had seen this place on instagram and it was listed on my must visit list. They have a very nice menu with a lot of fresh and healthy choices. Worth a visit if you are here.

Nalu bowls / Shelter
Ok, if I had to choose between Organic café and Shelter I would say Shelter. The atmosphere, the menu, the food, EVERYTHING was beyond my expectations. It was a typical Sandra place and I could have been eating lunch there every day. I had the best falafel salad with a big young coconut, a fresh juice and a raw food cake for dessert. Yummy, I’m drooling while I’m writing this….

Kaum, Potato head
I had visiting Potato head once before and felt I had to bring my family there because this place is just amazing and so beautiful. I think they have like 4 or 5 different restaurants there though, so we tried a new one (Kaum) this time. Beautiful view, great service and the drinks and the food were delicious.

You will not believe me if I say we ate here 3 times during our week in Bali. This dinner spot became our favorite and I kid you not when I’m saying they had the best asian food I ever had, and I have been eating it A LOT. My friends even think I was an asian person in my past life, haha! This place has so much nice things to offer on their menu and I wanted to have it all. Thai hummus, Summer spring rolls, curry dishes, tuna tartar with wasabi, thai inspired salads, you name it. The staff who was working there were also so nice and friendly(!!) You really have to visit this restaurant when you’re in Bali, you will not be disappointed.

What I really like about Bali is that they have something for everyone ,whether you vegan, glutenintolerant etc. and they are so ”in time” when it comes to food. It’s so easy to eat healthy and make good choices there and everything always feels so fresh. Maybe thats why I love to eat all the time when I’m there and always trying to evoke a sense of hunger, haha.


Hello sunny Sweden, I really dotted the best weekend to come back to. I came back from Bali Thursday night after a long flight and I have been a bit jetlag since then but I’m not gonna complain, I have had the best weekend here in Stockholm with my friends and we have also had the perfect Swedish summer weather, love it!!

I’m starting my Bali update with a photobomb;

BALI WAS AMAZING and I’m so glad we could do this trip together, means a lot to have that kind off quality time when it’s just us and we do not have to care about anything else than about ourselves. We stayed in Seminyak, walking distance from where I stayed last time but I liked that place, so I thought why not. The weather was perfect except for one day when we had rain almost all day, but we were not sad for that, instead we did some shopping, took a massage etc.

Mostly during the day we were on the beach, lying in a sun bed, drank coconut water, ate lots of fruit while listening to a podcast and looking out over the ocean. Have you ever heard about multitasking? 😉 We have also been eating so much good food, wow, Bali is filled with lots of trendy and good restaurants and I will do a post with recommended places to visit while you’re in Bali later. Every evening we went out for dinner, some nights we ended up on the beach on a colorful sandbag and drank drinks, combined with health juices in front of a live band, how lovely isn’t that? We did one day tour to Ubud where I also were last time but i wanted to show them the rice field, the coffee plantation etc. I loved it last time and everyone that visit Bali should definitely go there, it’s so beautiful. Anyway, We really had a magical time and I’m so happy and grateful to still be able to create so much memories with my family. ♥


Now I can finally relax after many hectic but fun days, the graduation party yesterday was super nice and we had a really good time. I have been very exhausted today though, I have almost been home the whole day except when I went out for a run and when I have been in the laundry room. My suitcase is packed now anyway and I’m so ready for Bali, I’m just gonna drink up my tea and there after it’s time to sleep, early morning tomorrow. My blog will be updated when I’m back, until then you can follow my trip on IG. ♥


Like I always say, time goes too fast, as usual. I wish that I had like an extra hour per day to update my blog, then I would not be able to have any excuses for not doing it. ;o) My first week in Sweden has been really good but I’ve been very very busy though. But i feels so good to be home and to see my friends and family again and yesterday was the big day, my cousins wedding. Everything was so beautiful and I am so happy that I could share this amazing day with them. ♥

Today we have just been preparing for my brothers graduating party that is tomorrow, I can not really understand that he has become so big, so crazy!! So after tomorrow we have to start packing and organizing for Bali, we’re leaving on Wednesday morning. Like I said, busy for the moment and no time to rest but soon we are there and will have all the time in the world to relax and just be together.


As you probably already know, my summer will mostly be spent in Sweden which feels wonderfully but June will be quite hectic, in a fun way of course. I’m going to a wedding on June 3rd, my cousin is getting married ♥ and the 5th my brother will graduate high school, so it will be a lot of celebrations in the beginning. The 7th of June I will travel to Bali on a girls vacation together with my mum and sis which gonna be so amazing. I have really looked forward to this and to have some quality time with them, and it will be so fun to show them Bali. I was there exactly one year ago and YES I fell in love with that place and I’m longing to be back.

The rest of June I’ll just be in Stockholm, hang out with my friends and family and enjoy the Swedish summer. In July, I plan to visit my family on the west coast for a week or so and then at the end of July, has Zhino finally 2 weeks vacation, Yay!! He will probably come and join me in Sweden from the beginning and then we have said that we will take it a bit as it comes, we may be going on a little mini trip somewhere, but we will see. :o) August is still unplanned, which feels nice, I will probably only want to be in Stockholm and spend as much time as possible with my family before I go back. ♥


I’m really starting to feel it’s getting closer now, times goes so fast. This last week I’ve tried to spend as much time as possible with our friends, Zhino had a pretty good schedule this month so he has also been able to join which I’m so glad for. Yesterday my closest friends and I had dinner together at Isaan on Grand Hyatt, one of my favorite restaurants that I been writing about earlier. It was a nice ending when we managed to get everyone together (it doesn’t happen often, someone is always away) so yesterday couldn’t be better.

I’m leaving on Saturday and Zhino is coming with me for 4 days. Instead of going somewhere else, which we planned for from the beginning, we decided to go home together. So my first days in sweden will be well spent with our closest friends and families, can’t wait ♥ !!




I have just finished my workout so now I’m gonna enjoy a nice breakfast and make myself ready for the day. Me and my friend will go to IKEA in a few hours, she had some shopping to do there so I decided to following to make her company.

Not much have happened since I wrote last time. Zhino has been home and we have just relaxing, hanging out with friends, done some errands etc. I’ve been quite tired last few days, almost felt sick awhile but I guess it’s the heat, my body has been kind of exhausted. I’m not used to this high temperatures, during the days is almost 45 degrees so you can just imagine… But I will not complain, in less than 2 weeks I will go home to sweden. Many mix feelings, but it’s gonna be wonderful to see my friends and family again. ♥

Wish you a lovely day.


What a day, I came home 1 hour ago after a girls day in Villagio to do some shopping and eat at our favorite ”mall restaurant”, Pf Chang. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, they have the best dynamite shrimps ever!!

Yesterday we where celebrating Lina’s birthday. She invited us to an amazing night at her place where we got so pampered with everything you can imagine, she had made it so nice!! We stayed for quite late so I didn’t get as many hours of sleep last night which I really can feel now. The best part is that we are neighbors, we live only 2 doors away from each other so you can’t complain that it’s far to get home, we just had that lovely night together so you just didn’t want to go home. ;o)

But now I’m really tired though, you’ve to pay for it today instead. My hubby lands in 40 min so I will try to stay awake at least until then so now I will make myself a cup of tea and watch some TV while waiting for him. Good night everyone. ♥


We had such a great night with our friends yesterday. We had BBQ at our place and I was so glad that we finally could get it together because there is always someone who is away or working. We also took the opportunity to celebrate our friends who just got married with champagne and a homemade princess cake that our friend had baked. We had so much snacks and food so we were literally eating and drinking the whole night, which is by the way really nice though. ;o)

I love to hang out with this people. They are the most amazing, relaxing, funniest and loveliest friends and we are lucky to have them in out life. Who could know that our lives would turn out this way? Not me, but I’m happy it did.

I fell asleep just after 4 am. and woke up 6 hours later and felt quite well rested, so I took a 45 min walk on the treadmill while Zhino still were sleeping. After that we had a late(!!) breakfast and went down to the pool for an hour just to cool down a bit. Right now we are just chilling at home and will soon go down to the gym. Later tonight we’re invited for a taco & movie night at our friends house . ♥


I hope you all had a beautiful weekend. Mine has been very good and now finally, my babe is home and have some days off which I’ve been longing for, it feels like he’s been working so much lately. :/

We had dinner together with out friends yesterday at Admiral, Ritz Carlton. A good place to visit if you wanna have a ”lighter dinner” and enjoy a glas of wine with a beautiful view. 🙂 We had a really nice time there but Zhino had to work after our dinner, so today we have just been taking it easy and been chilling down by the pool. We have only left our home once after that and that was just to buy ice cream, but sometimes, that kind of days is really nice though. Tomorrow we will run some errands during the day and later on we gonna have a BBQ at our place together with some of our friends. The weather is perfect for that now so we really have to take advantage of this time, soon it will be way to hot and humidity to do that kind of things. Now I will continue to look at our series as we just started to see so have a good night everyone. ♥