Much is going on in my life right now, something good will only get even better. So this week has just been used to planning and organizing but there’s still a lot left to do, more about that later.

Tomorrow night I will fly back to Doha and I can’t barely wait to finally see my friends there!! It’s so hard to understand that it has already been 3 months since last time I saw them and where there, crazy how time flies!! And now the summer is officially over, you can almost feel it’s autumn in the air even if it is just the 1th of September. Now I’m really looking forward to get my skin a bit sun-kissed and to jump into that pool!

Today I haven’t planned so much more than being home and fixing my stuff, Nicole and my sister will come over to join me later though. ♥ Lots of fun will happen before my flight tomorrow and my day is fully booked before departure. I can’t write it yet but you will probably see it on my ig stories before I post it here. What I can promise is that I will take a lot of pictures. :o)

Have a lovely Friday and weekend everyone. ♥


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