Halmstad – Helsingør

I had the most wonderful time in Halmstad and now I’m back in Stockholm again. My weekend has been good, I spent Friday at home with my mom, felt a bit sick though but we had a cozy mother & daughter day anyway. ♥ I felt much better yesterday when I woke up so I decided to meet up Nicole for a lunch and a stroll in the city. We had a delicious dinner together with our friends later in the evening and then we went out for a drink. This afternoon I took a walk into the city to have a lunch together with 3 of my girlfriends, wish we could do this every Sunday.

Tomorrow it’s a new week and I will start my day at the hairdresser, I’ll just cut my hair a bit so nothing more exciting than that;) But now I realize that the clock is way too much and I really have to sleep If I’m going to get up tomorrow morning… Sleep tight. ♥


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