I have been so absent lately and the blog has been a little bit aside but I’ll try to summarize myself briefly. The time when Zhino was home was totally amazing, we couldn’t have had it better and we had so much fun. You have probably seen and followed most of what I/we have done on Instagram so I assume you have an eye on the ”situation” ;o). Lots of dinner with friends, celebrations, cozy summer nights etc. Zhino went back home to Doha one week ago and now I’m on the West Coast, in Halmstad with my family on dad’s side. I love this place, it’s so peaceful and I always come into a special mood and relax in a completely different way when I’m here. My sister is also here, she arrived yesterday so now almost the whole family is gathered. ♥

We’ll stay until Wednesday, then we will return back to Stockholm again, so now I will just breathe in nature, the calm and just be. I will do a more fully update later. Love


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