Summer evenings in Stockholm when it’s at its best. We took a little trip out to Vaxholm to Zhino’s friend that had invited us for dinner last weekend. He lives in the most beautiful house that he built and designed entirely himself, I can just say wow, amazing… Unfortunately I forgot my bikini, otherwise I would had taken a bath in his whirlpool that he had on the porch, it may be next time.;)

The days just flies by and tomorrow we will go into the last month of the summer here in Sweden, scary how fast time goes right? Zhino flies back on Sunday which is really sad, you always want more time. I will stay till the end of August before I go back, but thats good because I have some things left to do before that. Me and my sister will do a mini trip to the Westcoast, Halmstad and visit our family which I’ve been longing for the whole summer but our schedules haven’t matched each other so well, but soon finally.

Tomorrow will be a day of great weather and sunshine and I will spend that day together with my friend at her pool, how wonderful? Time to sleep so I’ll get up tomorrow morning, sleep tight.♥


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