Spontaneous days are almost(!) always the best – yesterday was amazing, with no expectations, which also became one of the better evenings for a long time. My baby is home now and we have had a perfect start on our vacation together. After we surprised him at the airport we had a FUN, crazy night out with our friends and the whole night was so successful.

Back to yesterday, Zhino and I went in to the city for a light lunch at Gretas, Haymarket and some shopping. I got a beautiful gift from my baby which I’m so happy for, a white/gold Clic clac bracelet from Hermes. He surprised me with that one when we were at the NK (Nordic company) to pick up my bag. ♥ After all the shopping we met up our friends at the restaurant, Supper for cocktails and dinner and had a REALLY GOOD TIME. I can’t remember when I laughed myself into tears and I really couldn’t stop, is there any better feeling than that?


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