Hey babes, I came home for a few hours ago after a sleepover at Nicole´s place, I met her up after she finished her work yesterday. I finally have my energy back, the day after my last update I lost my voice but now it’s slowly but surely coming back even though I’m still very hoarse. I don’t remember when I lost my voice last time but it has been so annoying and my energy has been very low as well. I’ve taken it much calmer then usual, abstained from training etc. with fear of getting worse and I’m glad I did, because today i feel so much better then the days before.

Anyway, I had the coziest time with my sunshine, as usual, and we have been out a lot because Stockholm has given us a lot of sun these two days so we have tried to enjoy it as much as possible. We finished the day yesterday with a long walk around Södermalm and we started the day today with one too, I love to walk haha(!!!) and I love food as well so we ended up at a really nice place, Mahalo (aka Hälsocafét) for a early lunch after our pw. Is there any better start than that, I don’t think so?!

So now I’m home and have nothing special planned for the day. On Friday, I’ll take the train to Sala to visit my childhood friend who is home from Australia over the summer. This time, she is not alone, now I will also finally meet her 11-month baby that I longed so much to meet. ♥  I can’t believe it’s more than 1,5 year since last time!!


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