So here are my top favorite spots that I recommend to visit for a good healthy lunch, lovely dining or just for a couple of drinks with a beautiful view. All this places are located in Seminyak.

Organic Café
This was the first place we’re visiting when we first arrived. We ended up here by a coincidence when we were walking around the area and I was glad for that, because I had seen this place on instagram and it was listed on my must visit list. They have a very nice menu with a lot of fresh and healthy choices. Worth a visit if you are here.

Nalu bowls / Shelter
Ok, if I had to choose between Organic café and Shelter I would say Shelter. The atmosphere, the menu, the food, EVERYTHING was beyond my expectations. It was a typical Sandra place and I could have been eating lunch there every day. I had the best falafel salad with a big young coconut, a fresh juice and a raw food cake for dessert. Yummy, I’m drooling while I’m writing this….

Kaum, Potato head
I had visiting Potato head once before and felt I had to bring my family there because this place is just amazing and so beautiful. I think they have like 4 or 5 different restaurants there though, so we tried a new one (Kaum) this time. Beautiful view, great service and the drinks and the food were delicious.

You will not believe me if I say we ate here 3 times during our week in Bali. This dinner spot became our favorite and I kid you not when I’m saying they had the best asian food I ever had, and I have been eating it A LOT. My friends even think I was an asian person in my past life, haha! This place has so much nice things to offer on their menu and I wanted to have it all. Thai hummus, Summer spring rolls, curry dishes, tuna tartar with wasabi, thai inspired salads, you name it. The staff who was working there were also so nice and friendly(!!) You really have to visit this restaurant when you’re in Bali, you will not be disappointed.

What I really like about Bali is that they have something for everyone ,whether you vegan, glutenintolerant etc. and they are so ”in time” when it comes to food. It’s so easy to eat healthy and make good choices there and everything always feels so fresh. Maybe thats why I love to eat all the time when I’m there and always trying to evoke a sense of hunger, haha.


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