Hello sunny Sweden, I really dotted the best weekend to come back to. I came back from Bali Thursday night after a long flight and I have been a bit jetlag since then but I’m not gonna complain, I have had the best weekend here in Stockholm with my friends and we have also had the perfect Swedish summer weather, love it!!

I’m starting my Bali update with a photobomb;

BALI WAS AMAZING and I’m so glad we could do this trip together, means a lot to have that kind off quality time when it’s just us and we do not have to care about anything else than about ourselves. We stayed in Seminyak, walking distance from where I stayed last time but I liked that place, so I thought why not. The weather was perfect except for one day when we had rain almost all day, but we were not sad for that, instead we did some shopping, took a massage etc.

Mostly during the day we were on the beach, lying in a sun bed, drank coconut water, ate lots of fruit while listening to a podcast and looking out over the ocean. Have you ever heard about multitasking? 😉 We have also been eating so much good food, wow, Bali is filled with lots of trendy and good restaurants and I will do a post with recommended places to visit while you’re in Bali later. Every evening we went out for dinner, some nights we ended up on the beach on a colorful sandbag and drank drinks, combined with health juices in front of a live band, how lovely isn’t that? We did one day tour to Ubud where I also were last time but i wanted to show them the rice field, the coffee plantation etc. I loved it last time and everyone that visit Bali should definitely go there, it’s so beautiful. Anyway, We really had a magical time and I’m so happy and grateful to still be able to create so much memories with my family. ♥


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