Like I always say, time goes too fast, as usual. I wish that I had like an extra hour per day to update my blog, then I would not be able to have any excuses for not doing it. ;o) My first week in Sweden has been really good but I’ve been very very busy though. But i feels so good to be home and to see my friends and family again and yesterday was the big day, my cousins wedding. Everything was so beautiful and I am so happy that I could share this amazing day with them. ♥

Today we have just been preparing for my brothers graduating party that is tomorrow, I can not really understand that he has become so big, so crazy!! So after tomorrow we have to start packing and organizing for Bali, we’re leaving on Wednesday morning. Like I said, busy for the moment and no time to rest but soon we are there and will have all the time in the world to relax and just be together.

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