As you probably already know, my summer will mostly be spent in Sweden which feels wonderfully but June will be quite hectic, in a fun way of course. I’m going to a wedding on June 3rd, my cousin is getting married ♥ and the 5th my brother will graduate high school, so it will be a lot of celebrations in the beginning. The 7th of June I will travel to Bali on a girls vacation together with my mum and sis which gonna be so amazing. I have really looked forward to this and to have some quality time with them, and it will be so fun to show them Bali. I was there exactly one year ago and YES I fell in love with that place and I’m longing to be back.

The rest of June I’ll just be in Stockholm, hang out with my friends and family and enjoy the Swedish summer. In July, I plan to visit my family on the west coast for a week or so and then at the end of July, has Zhino finally 2 weeks vacation, Yay!! He will probably come and join me in Sweden from the beginning and then we have said that we will take it a bit as it comes, we may be going on a little mini trip somewhere, but we will see. :o) August is still unplanned, which feels nice, I will probably only want to be in Stockholm and spend as much time as possible with my family before I go back. ♥


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