What a day, I came home 1 hour ago after a girls day in Villagio to do some shopping and eat at our favorite ”mall restaurant”, Pf Chang. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, they have the best dynamite shrimps ever!!

Yesterday we where celebrating Lina’s birthday. She invited us to an amazing night at her place where we got so pampered with everything you can imagine, she had made it so nice!! We stayed for quite late so I didn’t get as many hours of sleep last night which I really can feel now. The best part is that we are neighbors, we live only 2 doors away from each other so you can’t complain that it’s far to get home, we just had that lovely night together so you just didn’t want to go home. ;o)

But now I’m really tired though, you’ve to pay for it today instead. My hubby lands in 40 min so I will try to stay awake at least until then so now I will make myself a cup of tea and watch some TV while waiting for him. Good night everyone. ♥


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