We had such a great night with our friends yesterday. We had BBQ at our place and I was so glad that we finally could get it together because there is always someone who is away or working. We also took the opportunity to celebrate our friends who just got married with champagne and a homemade princess cake that our friend had baked. We had so much snacks and food so we were literally eating and drinking the whole night, which is by the way really nice though. ;o)

I love to hang out with this people. They are the most amazing, relaxing, funniest and loveliest friends and we are lucky to have them in out life. Who could know that our lives would turn out this way? Not me, but I’m happy it did.

I fell asleep just after 4 am. and woke up 6 hours later and felt quite well rested, so I took a 45 min walk on the treadmill while Zhino still were sleeping. After that we had a late(!!) breakfast and went down to the pool for an hour just to cool down a bit. Right now we are just chilling at home and will soon go down to the gym. Later tonight we’re invited for a taco & movie night at our friends house . ♥


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