I hope you all had a beautiful weekend. Mine has been very good and now finally, my babe is home and have some days off which I’ve been longing for, it feels like he’s been working so much lately. :/

We had dinner together with out friends yesterday at Admiral, Ritz Carlton. A good place to visit if you wanna have a ”lighter dinner” and enjoy a glas of wine with a beautiful view. 🙂 We had a really nice time there but Zhino had to work after our dinner, so today we have just been taking it easy and been chilling down by the pool. We have only left our home once after that and that was just to buy ice cream, but sometimes, that kind of days is really nice though. Tomorrow we will run some errands during the day and later on we gonna have a BBQ at our place together with some of our friends. The weather is perfect for that now so we really have to take advantage of this time, soon it will be way to hot and humidity to do that kind of things. Now I will continue to look at our series as we just started to see so have a good night everyone. ♥


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