HOLA, we are now back in Doha after our short trip to Barcelona. We really had a great stay and were treated very well, the weather was perfect and I really fell in love with the city. This was the first time I visited Bcn and I got such a nice feeling for it, I will definitely go back to experience and see even more of this beautiful place.

Like I wrote earlier this was the first time I accompanied on Zhino’s flight which I was super excited for, but it was not really until he made his passenger announcement as I realized it was my babe who would fly me to there. It was kind of a weird feeling though, even if I know he does it almost everyday it was hard to like understand that he would fly that huge aircraft(!!) If I was proud afterwards? Oh yes.

We managed to do a lot though considering the little time that we had, and it felt like I got a good overview of the city. We had dinner together with Zhino’s friends the first day and the second day we were out walking the whooole day. We walked along the beach walk and further into town, strolled around in stores and I did some shopping. When our legs were tired and we didn’t have the energy to walk more we went to this amazing restaurant – FLAX AND KALE, omg, this place was a real Sandra place(!!) They call them self a Healthy Flexiterian Restaurant and yes, they have a lot to offer and have something for everyone, whether you are glutenintolerant, vegetarian, vegan, rawfood etc. Why are not these kinds of restaurants all over the place? That’s exactly what most of people want nowadays. Today, we are aware and want to make better choices but still eat well, I want to know what my food contains and assure me that it does not contain unnecessary sugar etc. I hope more and more restaurants will choose to offer this way of healthy eating because that’s what our body needs, good energy. ♥ Anyway, this was the first time I visited Barcelona but not the last. If you’re there or planing to go, don’t miss this place, you will not be disappointed. Love!!



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