We arrived to Phi Phi after two days in Phuket and this place was just amazing and above my expectations, it felt like we were in Paradise. We stayed at this beautiful hotel, Villa360 were we had our own villa with an amazing view over the Island. This is one of the most charming and nicest hotel I’ve been to, that together with everything around… it couldn’t be better. What I liked about this place was that it was a bit isolated from the most hectic and touristic area. We stayed on the other side of the island which was cleaner, more peaceful and maybe more suited for couples who just want to have a nice time together.

It was easy to explore the islands by taxi boats. The first day we visited Lodalum Bay (the touristic area) and the next day we took the boat over to Bamboo island which was a pretty small but still nice place to visit. The sand was pure white and the water was clearly turquoise. We brought our snorkeling set with us but ended up with almost no snorkeling for my part. I’m actually really afraid of the water in the sea and it has become even worse with time. That is something of knowing that I don’t know what’s under or around me and the funniest thing is that my fears always strikes me. Like the first thing that happened to me when I went in to the water was to get burned by a jellyfish, I mean how big is the odds(?) and needed to cancel our day at the beach because I had to go to the doctor. I was lucky though, it was non of these ”dangerous” jellyfishes even if it did hurt a lot and got all these marks on my back.

Anyway, we had wonderful days on Phi Phi and I would definitely go back. I felt in love with that place, it felt it was like made for us and were having exactly everything we were looking for. ♥ The day we left phi phi was also the day we left Thailand, we took the flight over to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The stop was short we only stayed there for one night but had a whole day there to stroll around, visited the twin towers etc. before our flight home to Qatar.

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